Monday, December 31, 2012

The New Year...

Momma and Ames Emmanuel
New Years kissin'. 
I'm pretty sure everyone needs some party music for tonight, right? Well, here you go. The King of Pop always brings the jams. My earliest memories of music involve me, at five years of age, standing on a pool table, singing Michael Jackson songs for my brother and his dates. He paid me in assorted candies and fruits. He denies this ever happened, but it it did.

My wife and I entered our wedding reception with MJ's "Rock With You" blasting through the speakers! My pal, Kevin McClain and I were going to record a cover of it for the reception, but during the run up to the wedding things were too hectic to get it done. Well, we finally did it, four years later. I enlisted a couple of other amazing musicians to play with us on it.

I hope you enjoy and happy new year!


     Recorded November 29 and December 6-11, 2012. Kevin McClain played drums. Rudy Landa played guitar. Brett Banks played bass. These dudes are good. Thanks, brothers!
     "Rock With You" written by Rod Temperton. Originally performed by Michael Jackson. From the album Off the Wall