Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Week 43...

My friend, Rusty holding a
fresh from the oven, Isaiah Jane
We performed "Show Me What I'm Looking For" one Sunday morning as an opener, over at Ridge Church.

When I started leading worship at Ridge, I was basically a contracted musician. There was an ever-changing crew of leaders coming through a big revolving door. It worked well for a while, but at some point, they decided that they wanted some continuity from week to week. I figured that out after a couple of people stopped me in the halls and said, "We're pulling for you," or "You have my vote." I was a little thrown off at first, but was honored by their support and encouragement. Eventually, they asked me to come on staff as the Music Director.

Stepping into the job was interesting for me. I mean, I'm a guy with a past. I have history. I have baggage. I didn't understand how God could appoint me to this post. But He did! I couldn't have been more excited or petrified. I know that God has done wonderful things in spite of my many thoughts of inadequacy.

I was lucky to have someone to take me under their wing. At the time, the Service Programming Director for Ridge was a guy named Rusty. He's full of creativity.  He was great at challenging and encouraging me. He was an even better friend. He's moved on and I miss the mess out of that guy. He was forever trying to get me to do a Carolina Liar tune. It took a while, but here you go, Rusty!



     Recorded Dec 1-5, 2012. My pal, Anderson Hall recorded the drums in his practice space, then Dropboxed the files over to me. He's a good drummer and a great dude! I'm thankful for his hard work.
     "Show Me What I'm Looking For" written by Carolina Liar. From the album Coming to Terms

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