Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 17...

Whenever I want to hear some music, but don't know what I listen to (this happens quite often,) my speakers always seem to beg me to play the Weepies. They are the husband and wife duo of Deb Talen and Steve Tannen. Their sound is always warming to my ears and heart. The more I listen to them, the more I get hooked. If you haven't already, check them out.

Tweet Curser...

For this week's addition to 52, my sweetheart and I decided to record one of our favorite Weepies songs. It is called "Gotta Have You." The title itself pretty much sums up the way I feel about my darling wife. Nothing else will do. I think she might feel the same way about me. Maybe. Let us know what you think about the song!



     Recorded April 23-26, 2012. Rachael Rebecca Brown Kincaid sang the sweet harmonies. The next time we record, she said she would do my Jan Smith warm up exercises with me. That right there...? That is love, my friend. 
     "Gotta Have You" written by Deb Talen and Steve Tannen.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Week 15 & 16...

The week of Easter definitely put a screw into the gears for me. With all the stuff going on with family, church and losing my voice completely, I am playing a little bit of catch up! My plan didn't really change though.
Honor Rose making sure I don't read my book.
This month, my twin daughters turned one! The year has definitely flown by. Every day I fall more madly and deeply in love with these little ladies. Their personalities are shining through. So are their teeth! Honor Rose's came in first; and with such a gap, that I've been calling her "Strahan." Isaiah Jane only had one for about a month, so I called her "hillbilly." We don't sugar coat it over here.

I love my boys, but there is something that changed in the heart of this daddy when those little girls came into the picture. It swells and stirs in my chest, uncontrollably. It escapes my body in the form of tears and sighs; both, filled with joy. It's fierce and protective. Look out future prom dates. Their brothers and I will be waiting up with the lights on.

Isaiah Jane snuggling at a doctor's appointment.

I decided, in honor of my Honor Rose and Isaiah Jane, I would record some lullabies. The first is actually one I wrote for their brother, Ames Emmanuel. It is called "Goodnight, Sweetheart." It is fun and cheesy, I know. Don't hold it against me. Dad's are cheesy, right? From there, I recorded two for the girls. If I have a wild hair, you might hear a couple more this week. We'll see.



     Recorded April 15-19. Sorry about the lateness of it all. Also, this week takes us past a whole hour of free music! I hope you are into it.


Goodnight sweetheart
It's time for sleep
It seems your day
It is complete
You sang some songs
And cried some tears
We made memories
For your years

Goodnight my dear
It's time to dream
Lay down the day
In reverie
'Cause In the morn
There'll be much to do
But if you want
I'll play with you

Because it's heaven when you smile
I'm proud to say that you're my child
From the first time I saw those eyes
I have loved you

Goodnight my love
It's time for bed
So bring that pillow
To your head
I'll turn down the lights
And sing a tune
While you gaze
Up at the moon

My sweetest one
Let's say our prayers
With our God
Our fears we share
Let's think on all
We're thankful for
And all the people
You adore

'Cause you are bigger than you think
He's always listening when you speak
And even when you're feeling weak
He is holding you

My little lamb
It's time to sleep
But don't you worry
Don't you weep
For when tomorrow
Starts anew
I promise I
Will still love you
I'll still love you

The day is all but done
Still the lights are aglow and warm
I keep them on to see your face
Because you are my love

The night is black and cold
But you're always here to hold
I blanket you with songs and prayers
Because you are my love

A life is never long enough
To share all that's inside
But the song of heaven ever rings
It's where our spirits hide

These memories start to fade
But I'm saving all I can
In my heart, there is room enough
Because you are my love

The day that you were born
I could have weathered any storm
For I had never been
As strong as I was then
A flicker into a flame
A life behind a name
This babe, so wonderful
That came and made us whole

The love, the light
The beauty of all that is sacred began
With the touch of your hand
My love, my life was changed from darkness
To ravishing light, the day you were born

Your eyes, deep as the sea
Your breath, it's calming breeze
And pulled by gravity
Your hands, they reach for me

When your heart is broken
And your colors start to fade
I'll pour my love upon you
And wash the hurt away
To me, my child, you've been given
With you, I vow to stay
This lovely tale will have no end
In the light of Heaven's grace
You're my miracle

My love, would you take the time and walk with me today
My hand wants to fill with yours and sway until it's late
Who cares if we're left beyond the wall of daylight's gate
My dear, let the darkness fall and walk with me

Beside the beds where radiant roses bloom
'Neath the rusty light of the rising crimson moon
And all the while the quiet sings a tune
My love, take walk with me tonight

My love, would you take the time and walk with me alone
Who cares, if the clouds roll in and chill us to the bone
My arms they are oh so warm and yours to own

We'll trace the lines of lonely shooting stars
And all the while our frames will never part
I'll tell you just how beautiful you are
My love, take a walk with me tonight


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 14 (Better Late Than Never...)

So last week was adventuresome, I'd say. When you work in music ministry, there are two enormous dates looming on your calendar every year; Easter and Christmas. I had prepared for Easter long ago. I felt confident about the music I had selected. The band members were all top notch. We had four extra vocalists learning harmony parts and warming up their vocal chords. The components for some awesome Easter services were all ready to go. There was just one little detail that I wasn't expecting. The Sunday before Easter... I completely lost my voice.

"Are you kidding me, God? This is like, the biggest single Sunday of the year! Didn't you get the memo about our song list? It was going to be incredible! I was going to nail these songs. Wait, that sounded kinda prideful, sorry. But, you know my heart in this; All I want is Your beauty and excellence and perfection to shine through... Honest."

Then came a humbling response. "This isn't about you." I replied with a very quick, "Yessir, got it."

I emailed everyone involved in reference to the situation. I gave each of the other vocalists their new lead parts. At first it was a "just in case I can't sing" kinda thing. Then I heard His voice again, "this isn't about you." I was reminded about a verse in the Bible from Proverbs. It says, "humility comes before honor." I know my place. I know how I've been gifted. I know from whom those gifts are given. But, every now and again, my mind wanders off on what I think I can do better, because I know how I want it to sound, so I'll just handle it all myself. Yeah, 'cause that always turns out perfectly, huh? (That last line was well seasoned with a heavy slab of sarcasm.) I don't always know better. I don't always have the answers; But my Heavenly Father does. Sometimes I just need to humble myself and get out of the way.

That is precisely what happened on Easter Sunday. I painfully and excitedly stepped out of the way. My voice had returned on Saturday, but the plans did not change. Some of my talented friends were allowed to take the reins and run with them! It was beautiful, excellent and perfect. The leads were solid. The harmonies were strong. I couldn't have planned it any better, myself. Oh yeah, I didn't plan it at all.

This week's song is one we performed on Sunday; "In Christ Alone." Some of the team took time out of their busy schedules to record it with me. Adam Locklear and Shelly Moore ( sang along. The one and only Rudy Landa played the penny whistle and taunted Shelly while she tracked. I think it's lovely.



     Recorded April 1, 9 & 10, 2012. Rudy wanted everyone to know that just because he plays the penny whistle, doesn't mean he's not a real man. The verdict is still out on that... Comment away!
     "In Christ Alone" written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend.